How satisfied are you with the life you lead today? Are there things you would like to see changed? Habits you could do without or maybe some you would like to introduce (hello, daily flossing!)? Or maybe you havea list of goals you never seem to get any closer to?

Most of use have some aspects of our lives we would like to improve upon. I know I do! And this blog is all about that, about moving towards the life you truly want to live, one step at a time, one small discipline at a time.

Small Disciplines got its name from a quote I once read by the late Jim Rohn:

The major accomplishments in life begins with the mastery of the small disciplines.

That seems easy enough, right? Just introduce a few small disciplines and you are on your way to success. And it really is that easy! If you choose to have an apple a day rather than a choclate bar a day, your health will be better for it. If you read for half an hour rather than watch The Bachelor on TV (OK, I admit it, I do both …) your mind will be better for it. It is that easy. But as Rohn warned us, it is also extremely difficult, because it is so easy not to do it.

Neither success nor failure occurs in a single cataclysmic event.

It is the small disciplines and the minor mistakes that shape our lives, one day at a time. Let’s make sure the small disciplines outweigh any minor mistakes we do.


  1. Fiona

    I agree wholeheartedly, Charlotte. It’s the small things – good or bad – that add up to our health, our happiness… our life!

    • Charlotte

      Thank you for stopping by, Fiona, and for being the very first to comment on my brand new blog corner of the webosphere.

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