small disciplines

great rewards

The major accomplishments in life begins with the mastery of the small disciplines.

Multitasking the right way

I am a horrible multitasker. I'll surfe the net while talking to my sister on the phone, or I'll be waiting for my favorite show to come on telly only to check Twitter as soon as it starts. I end up with only a vague idea of what the show or the phone conversation was...

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What do you want in life?

Life is a one time journey, and yet som many of us settle for drifting through at random rather than mapping out the destinations we would like to see. And sure, it is sometimes fun to go on a whim. But wouldn't it be nicer to be in charge, to steer your life in a...

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My Five-Minute Morning Mantra

Do you ever have one of those mornings where you wake up feeling great, but then somewhere between your bedroom and the bathroom something happens, maybe you stub your toe or one of the kids throws a tantrum, and then the positive attitude just disintegrate and...

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5 ways to find time to study

You have probably heard all the sayings: Leaders are readers. Knowledge is power. The book you don't read won't help. And so on. But you might find it hard to sit down to study after a hard day at work. Maybe you've had a long commute too. Maybe you have children in...

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5 ways to get your 5 a day

Did you get your five-a-day today? I didn't,due to a poorly planned trip downtown. And I knew that would be the case when I had only consumed one portion by two o'clock. You see, I have come to learn that if I don't eat at least half - and preferably two thirds - of...

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Small disciplines or minor mistakes

How satisfied are you with the life you lead today? Are there things you would like to see changed? Habits you could do without or maybe some you would like to introduce (hello, daily flossing!)? Or maybe you havea list of goals you never seem to get any closer to?...

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