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Aug, 2016 | Career |

Organizing the office

I was the kind of kid who used to love Mondays, New Year’s Day and first day back at school after the summer holiday.

I am still that kind of kid, just a little older, a little more grey than blonde.

I love fresh starts and new beginnings, and I always have. I love the promises they bring, the hope and the possibilities.

Beginnings have always been my forte. I dive headfirst into new projects, full of enthusiasm. I am a beginner. A finisher … not so much.

And after my month long hiatus from this blog, it could have ended as another starter-project that fizzled out. But it turned out I just needed to embrace those few short summer weeks we get her in Scandinavia. Somehow it didn’t seem very tempting to be cocooned inside when the sun was finally making an appearance.

But that was then, and this is now, and the summer is drawing towards an end and I am heading back to work.

And I’m loving it!

As a kid, moving up a year in school meant new books, new stationary equipment, maybe a new backpack or lunch box. Returning back to work after the summer doesn’t bring quite the same newness, but one can try, right?

My back-to-work ritual

So this is what I am doing to mark the end of summer and the return to work:

  • Clean my office, remove all the dead flies piling up in the windowsill, wipe the dust that has had time to settle, tidy away any clutter I have dumped on my desk during the summer.
  • Empty my inbox. I like to start on zero, so I will go through all my emails, delete all spam, out-of-date press releases, chain mails and emails not needing a reply. Those needing attention will be filed in a separate folder, so that the main inbox remains empty.
  • Change over my wardrobe. Yes, it’s that time again soon, when the summer dresses are getting too cold and the cardigans are sneaking back into my wardrobe. I might do a capsule wardrobe, I might not. I haven’t decided yet.
  • Buy scented candles. I like to add some niceties to my office. It can be fresh flowers or a pretty item or candles. I believe in making my home office a place where I want to spend time, not just a place where I have to be to earn money.
  • Get out a new notebook. OK, I might not need it, I have several unused ones stashed away. But as a stationary junkie I don’t need any excuses to buy more notebooks.


Do you have a back-to-work ritual?




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