Small disciplines

great rewards

This is Small Disciplines

This site is about pursuing your goals through the daily disciplines that lead to great rewards, be it mind or body, at home or in your career. It is about embracing the small changes we make every single day and recognising that we shape our lives when we live it, day by day, and not by dreaming it away.

Here you will find inspiration and ideas on how to take the necessary steps and maintain the discipline that will take you from where you are today to the life you truly want.

In time I hope to build a community here, to make this a place of support and encouragement.

What do you want in life?

And I am Charlotte

In my day job I work as a trade journalist, a great job that takes me around Europe. But I also have a love for life improvements, for self-education, for embracing life in all its beauty and all its hardship, and I found myself missing an outlet for that kind of content. And so Small Disciplines was born.

In private I am a mother of two, the wife of a feminist husband, a long-time vegetarian, an avid reader and an unashamed introvert. I have previously worked ten years as a freelance writer for a variety of publications, from women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan to small regional newspapers. I have lived in Scandinavia, England, and France.

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