small disciplines

great rewards

The major accomplishments in life begins with the mastery of the small disciplines.

Sneezing in the September Sun

Apparently, it takes between 4 and 10 days to recover from the common cold. Which is a good thing, as I am now on day 9 …

There is something so wrong about having a cold at the same time as we’re experiencing what must be considered an autumn summer here in Scandinavia. Whereas my instinct tells me I should be nursing the cold under a woollen blanket with a hot drink in my hand, the weather is telling me to go outside and enjoy this glorious sunshine that’s taking us all by surprise.

Usually, this would have been the time of year when we start preparing for the cold, Scandinavian winter: stocking up on candles, buying a heap of wood, changing over the wardrobe from summer to winter attires. But instead, I’m still wearing my summer dresses, applying sun cream and having iced drinks by the gallon.

I am so congested at the moment that I’m gasping for air just walking upstairs, so my regular walks and daily micro-habits have been put aside for the time being in favour of less lung demanding activities.

In fact, I have been thinking about taking up a practice that has fallen to the side the last six months: curating a capsule wardrobe.

I had been pondering whether or not to do this again for a while now, and when both Jennifer L. Scott, aka Madame Chic, of The Daily Connoisseur and Fiona Ferris of How to Be Chic blogged about it, I realised I really do want to try this again. And what better time to put together an autumn capsule than when I’m still wearing my summer clothes!

And to be honest, sorting out my wardrobe is about as strenuous activity as I can manage now.

Roll on day 11 …


Back to work

I was the kind of kid who used to love Mondays, New Year’s Day and first day back at school after the summer holiday. I am still that kind of kid, just a little older, a little more grey than blonde. I love fresh starts and new beginnings, and I always have. I...

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Swapping disciplines for delights

It’s summer time and I am swapping my small daily disciplines with small daily delights: picking blueberries and raspberries and eating them as we go enjoying as many morning coffees outdoors as possible watching the morning dew on spiderweb in the grass filling...

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A little reading each day …

A little reading each day will result in a wealth of valuable information in a very short periode of time. But if we fail to set aside the time, if we fail to pick up the book, if we fail to exercise the discipline, then ignorance will quickly move in to fill the...

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4 ways to bring your family closer together

The paradox of families is that the people we love the most are the ones we most easily take for granted. If the loved ones in your life have become more like the tapestry of your home than the tapestry of your life, it’s time to take action. Shake things up by...

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How one single push-up can make all the difference

Can you get strong by doing one single push-up? Surely not. What if you did that one single push-up a couple of times a day? Every day? What if you after a while found you had enough strength to do two push-ups? And then five? And then ten? And twenty? Small...

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Multitasking the right way

I am a horrible multitasker. I’ll surfe the net while talking to my sister on the phone, or I’ll be waiting for my favorite show to come on telly only to check Twitter as soon as it starts. I end up with only a vague idea of what the show or the phone...

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What do you want in life?

Life is a one time journey, and yet som many of us settle for drifting through at random rather than mapping out the destinations we would like to see. And sure, it is sometimes fun to go on a whim. But wouldn’t it be nicer to be in charge, to steer your life in...

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My Five-Minute Morning Mantra

Do you ever have one of those mornings where you wake up feeling great, but then somewhere between your bedroom and the bathroom something happens, maybe you stub your toe or one of the kids throws a tantrum, and then the positive attitude just disintegrate and...

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